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All sausages in the range are gluten free and made using traditional methods and recipes. Jane’s Succulent Sausages are produced with 100% Australian meat combined with market fresh ingredients to deliver a unique flavour and texture that is sure to please even the most discerning customer.


Aussie BBQ

Ideal for entertaining, a special blend of fresh vegetables

Honey & Rosemary

A family favourite, with a delicious combination of Australian honey and fresh rosemary


A traditional Yugoslavian skinless sausage featuring fresh capsicum and garlic

English Pork

A traditional English sausage produced using lean pork and subtle flavours

Chicken and Chives

Fresh tender chicken with parsley and shallots

Thai Chicken

Fresh tender chicken, flavoured with typically Thai ingredients, coriander, ginger and coconut


A deliciously sweet and spicy sausage with a blend of fresh vegetables


A pork sausage with garlic, fennel and pepper


A traditional butcher’s sausage, ideal for kids